2019 Hummer H1 Unlimited Edition

Hummer H1 2019 comes up with the best ongoing appearance with the military-inspired truck with excellent off-road abilities. It comes with exterior features and luxurious details. Its chassis got the highest raised off the ground. Hummer H1 got advance suspensions that will be able to go through the sorts of very rough terrains and challenging conditions. HUMMER looks like the heavy truck but in actual it is not heavy. Hummer H1 2019 got the maximum space of legroom and headroom for the people traveling and you will enjoy the bumpiest ride in a comforting way.

hummer h1 2019

Hummer H1 2019 comes with the leather seats available in brown-white color combination. It also has modern style dashboard and infotainment system. It got exterior lighting with an upgraded with taillights, LED headlights and turn signals. Hummer H1 2019 also got MSA extra light bar on the trail. It has a powerful audio system comes from JL audio and more aluminum grade forms in the interior panels.

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Engine Capabilities:

Hummer H1 has 4 available options. It got 6.5 liter V6 to offer the three version output of 200 HP and 390 pound-feet torque, 210 Hp and 400 Pound feet of torque and finally 260 HP and 450 Pound feet torque. The last and the fourth option called the second version that comes with Gm’s LS3 V6 engine that produces 400 Hp and 428 pound-feet torque. Hummer H1 2019 has recognition of climate change, decreased carbon, cleaner cars, hybrid and electric propulsion. It is reported that it can start from zero to 60 MPG within 5.0 seconds.

Hummer h1 2018

Hummer H1 2019 Features:

  • 5 liter V8 to produce HP
  • 20-inch wheel with 38-inch mud terrain tires
  • Maximum space legroom and headroom
  • 4 door hardtop and aluminum body SVU
  • Leathered and wooden interior
  • Safety airbags and navigation system


  • Wheelbase: 120 inches
  • Length: 189.5 inches
  • Width: 89.6 inches
  • Height: 79 inches

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