Ford Escape 2019 : Unlimited Edition

Ford Escape 2019 is the real breed compact SUV that has best performance and amazing utilities in it. It contains sporty handling and the powerful turbo charged engine that makes its escape drive special from others. Ford Escape 2019 base in line has 4 engine that produces 180 HP from 1.5 liter consumption. It is the best choice for most drivers. It comes with better low end powerful better gas mileage. Ford Escape 2019 is reported as the best SUV in ca rally in real time because it gives a firm ride from its sharp steering.

ford escape

Ford Escape contains the highest strung ride that is favorite by passengers in the sung cabin. The front passenger will get very firm seat that provides educing comfort over the long trip all all time. The back seat can be flip down to increase the space to more than 58 cubic feet and can be fitted with hands free tailgate. With Ford Escape 2019 smooth engine quick response and soft handling it feels like a sports car that is better than any crossover. Its attractive steering feels perfect grip and soft gear change also gives you potential to drive more and more.

Ford Escape 2019

Maximum Comfort:

Ford Escape 2019 offers supportive seats, strong climate control, and minimal engine noise best comfort attitude. The ride quality suffers at the best expense of this sporty handling. This Ford Escape Review model gets with forward proximity sensor, 10 speakers, 18 inch wheel trim, navigation equipment s, 110 volt power outlet, auto dimming head light, rear view mirror, heated steering, cargo space enhanced and Bluetooth availability.

ford escape review

Ford Escape 2019 Features:

  • 5 Liter I-4 Engine produces 180 HP Torque
  • 17″ aluminum Wheel trim
  • Air conditioning and dual sensor regulator
  • Driver and front passenger heated cushion and heated seatback Heated front seats
  • LCD monitors on all seats
  • Sirius-XM technology FM / AM /Satellite and scan Radio


  • Wheelbase        :    105.13 inches
  • Length              :    182.0 inches
  • Width                :    72.1 inches
  • Height               :    70.0 inches

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