Hummer H4 2019 Reviews, Specs, Photos

Hummer H4 2019 is actually represents your personality if you are fond of bravery and adventures. This comfortable, elegance and speedy is all that you are looking for. Hummer H4 2019 news Is the new model that is especially set up with the bold latest features from both outside and inside. Its features are stylish and unique exterior design headlights and bumpers that are redesigned to give more aggressive look and will surely add the muscular look of the vehicle. Hummer H4 2019 gives you availability with 6.2 Liter, 5.5 Liter and 6.5 Liter it depends on you how much you want to use.

Hummer H4

This Young design Hummer H4 2019, has the standard built in underbody protection 35 inches tires. Its suspensions are independent up front and have the solid axle in the rear part. When looking under the hood there is 3.6 liter direct injection V8 cadillac CTS to produce 304 HP and 273 pound feet of torque. Hummer H4 2019 is also called giant aluminum instrumented panel that is mounted on an exposed crossbeam. It also has a removable storage bin and reconfigurable LCD that will show driver the different navigation when the Hummer H4 2019 diesel is on or off the road. It offers first-class finishing in automotive gloss paint, added passenger car advancements such as sound insulation, air condition, upgraded upholstery, wood trim interior and stereo system.

Hummer H4 price

Hummer H4 2019 review comes up with updated speaker system with Bluetooth capabilities. It also has fuel economic friendly package of 14 miles per gallon in cities and 18 miles per gallon on highway with top speed as recorded accordingly estimated. 2019 Hummer H4 includes running days light, curtain airbags and night navigation lights. It comes standard with the electronic controlled 4 wheel drive system sporting traction control and rear locking system.

Hummer H4 review

Hummer H4 2019 Features:


  • Optional 6.2 Liter, 5.5 Liter and 6.5 Liter V8 engine fuel consumption
  • Produces 304 HP and 273 pound feet of torque
  • Bluetooth capabilities and upgraded navigation system
  • Reconfigurable LCDs with clear navigation signs on Road


  • Wheelbase    :    103.0 inches
  • Length          :    171.0 inches
  • Width            :    81.0 inches
  • Height            :   72.0 inches

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