Nissan Rogue 2019 : A compact SUV

Nissan Rogua 2019 is the decent SUV comes with the high mark of an everyday vehicle. It includes superb cargo capacity, several safety systems and excellent fuel economy. The interior of Nissan Rogua 2019 is highly decorated with quality materials. It gives you anemic performance and also includes slow acceleration without any noisy transmission. It offers a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder electric motor to produce a combined 175 HP. It has reported that Nissan Rogua 2019 has less economical than other SUVs in the real world got 150 miles on the highway and delivers 28 MPG. Nissan Rogua 2019 works with both hybrid and gas on the route with all or front wheel via continuous variable automatic transmission. Its all wheel drive are very efficient at 32 to 40 MPG. Its exterior has little bit similar like high belt line that rises towards forward with rear roof pillar.

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Cargo, Interior, and Infotainment:

Nissan Rogua 2019 is attractive and has a comfortable environment interior package that takes it into the world of luxury. Got with caramel-colored leather seats. It also provides superb comfort with all new surprised power adjustable passenger seats. Nissan Rogua 2019 offers standard infotainment system with 7.0 inches touchscreen so you can easily connect to Android Auto and Apple can play. Its touchscreen is surrounded with the physical buttons that are helpful to set up the home button. Nissan Rogua 2019 got to screen with high resolution; the menus are arranged in the intuitive form.

Nissan Rogua 2019

Nissan Rogua 2019 has the impressive cargo volume with the seat down and up capability along with cubby storage space. The second row slides aft and fore to open up the cargo for more leg space. By flipping the front seat you can get approximately 70 cubic feet of cargo space. Nissan Rogua 2019 has a surrounded view camera system that is optional to use. You can find 6 airbags, blind spot monitors, automatic emergency braking, panoramic moonroof, rear cross-traffic alerts and built-in navigation system.

The standard rear door Technology alert that will help you (remind) if someone left in the car by sensing when you walk little away prior the driver seat. The alert will be from the Rouge chirp horn several times until you come back and open the door. Nissan Rogua 2019 has ProPilot assist, this system will help you to reduce driver fatigue on the long interstate by looking the road ahead and help driver stay in the right lane without any diversion.

Nissan Rogua

Nissan Rogua 2019 Features:

  • Fuel consumption 2.0 Liter with 4 cylinder engine
  • Regular engine unleaded L4 and 2.5 L
  • EPA class small sports utility vehicle with 2WD
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Drive Front Wheel drive
  • Blind sop warning
  • Android Auto and Apple can play


  • Wheelbase: 9 inches
  • Length: 9 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Curb weight: 3,562 pounds

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