Toyota Avalon 2019 – Best Car – World Report

Toyota Avalon 2019 gives the stand-alone performance and handling with complete dynamics styling. It includes the dynamics of the lowest fuel economy against powerful performance. It delivers smooth drive and soft handling. Toyota Avalon has powertrain with an inspiring driving combination of sport-tuned XSE trim with optional gas-electric hybrid experience. It contains 3.5 Liter consumption with V 6 hybrid engine to give 300 HP. Toyota Avalon 2019 feels you upscale and provide 2-row roomy seats. Its fuel economy calculated is 18 MPG in the city and 15 MPG on the highway. It will surely save you 700$ almost of the annual cost.

toyota avalon

Driving Pleasure:

Toyota Avalon 2019 includes an additional hybrid power system that can be accessed by selecting EV mode via navigation screen. The Hybrid EV mode comes with standard steering mounted paddle shifter only that allows the driver to shift via CVT six simulated gears smoothly.

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Toyota Avalon 2019 comes up with standard automaker 3.0 infotainment system with Apple and Android compatible system. It has an 8.0-inch center screen that can be accessed like a smartphone. Its navigation system can also be integrated with a smartwatch for voice-enabled, voice connectivity and WIFI Hotspot. Toyota Avalon Review can charge your multiple smartphones within 15 minutes with available 6 USB ports standardized wireless as well. It offers 13 speakers sound system that can be played with a 1,100-watt JBL premium audio system. Toyota Avalon has instrument panel features that show vehicle information, safety features, navigation instructions, and collision alerts.

toyota avalon 2019

Toyota Avalon 2019 includes emergency automation braking with pedestrian bridges and walkways detection. It offers full-speed adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam, steering assist and departure lane. Toyota Avalon Review includes blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert and rear view camera.

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Toyota Avalon 2019 Features:

  • 5 Liter, V6 hybrid engine to produce 300 HP
  • Valve timing intelligent wide VVT and D 45 direct injection
  • A Large 8-inch multimedia touch screen display
  • Easy to use intuitive dynamics features
  • Pair your watch with navigation to get direction, make calls, receive and send messages


  • Wheelbase           :    107.1 inches
  • Length                 :    190.2 inches
  • Width                  :     70.3 inches
  • Height                 :     59.9 inches


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