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Toyota Supra 2019 Specs, Interior & Reviews

Toyota is very serious about building cars that appeal to the heart not just the human mind. Now it comes up with the Toyota Supra one of the most illustrative model. This model is the joint engineering venture with BMW. Toyota Supra 2019  hp is reported that the engine will be 3L inline 6 that delivers 330 Horse power and 335 LB FT of torque. Toyota Supra 2019 shares its platform and power train with BMW. You can find out 4 more top featured performances for this new generation.

toyota supra 2019 specs

Rear Wheel Drive:

2019 Toyota Supra specs comes with the standard rear wheel drive. This lets you to better balance and handle while maneuvering the 2 door vehicle on the road. Its rear wheel provides the power letting the front wheels so don’t worry about the steering. Rear wheel is so prominent for many high power car racer and sports car. Toyota Supra 2019 interior performance features make you feel like you are playing a car race without really being on the race track.

toyota supra 2019

Luxurious Design:

Toyota Supra 2019 is based on the concept of F1. The race spec aerodynamics along with the 3 effective performance features. Toyota Supra 2019 measures 172.6 inches long and wheelbase measuring 90.4 inches. The weight no more than 3000 pounds.

The stability controls of Toyota Supra mk4 are at its best, electric steering that gives you quick and rapid response and paddle wheels. Toyota Supra 2019 also gets the 8 V ZF transmission and BMW elexctronic M differential from other vehicles. It gives you active limit to sip and drift that sitting at the rear axle. The weight distribution of Toyota Supra while drifting is 50% on right and 50% on left guaranteed.

Dual Clutch Transmission:

Toyota Supra S features dual clutch transmission and not manual. It is also called semi automatic transmission. The two separate clutch separate clutch for even and odd gear shifts. It gives you the convenience of using auto transmission along with the speed of stick shift without worry about clutch pedal. For more Info Acura MDX 2019 Reviews

Full Turbo Charged Engine:

Toyota Supra BMW; to power the 2.0 liter turbo charged inline six engine. The Toyota Supra 2019 engine features a pair of turbo charger that makes 330 horse power and 335 pound feet of torque. It is recorded from the 8 speed automatic transmission model.

toyota supra 2019 hp

Toyota Supra 2019 Specifications:

  • 6 cylinder turbo BMW engine
  • Both right and left hand drive configuration
  • 17, 18 and 19 inch diameters of wheel
  • Bluetooth and wireless charging
  • 3 Liter inline fuel consumption to produce 330 Hp


  • Wheelbase     :        102.5 inches
  • Length           :        182.7 inches
  • Width             :        6590 inches
  • Height            :        50.6 inches
  • Curb weight    :        2,811 pounds

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